Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Stonehenge at Summer Solstice

There has been much talk and argument on who has the right to say who can attend ceremonies at Stonehenge lately. My view is that anyone can attend but with one proviso, and that is those that do should do so with respect. Drug use and getting p##### does not in my opinion show respect neither does using the temple as a urinal. Summer solstice although a time of rejoicing is more than just a common place party if that's all you think it is stay away. Certain people say that makes me elitist perhaps it does but then when I was a Christian did the fact I did not want drunks at midnight Mass at Christmas make me elitist?


Vulture said...


I can't imagine being drunk/stoned ~ or using it as a urinal....I simply can't imagine it.

and then I think about humanity...and I can...and that makes me sad....

You know what's interesting? I find that *I* am the most respectful person...no matter what 'church' I attend...seriously ~ at a wedding...everyone else is talking...I'm sitting there in quiet silence...I went to a Buddhist temple the other day..same thing..people are chatting/eating etc...and I couldn't even imagine it.

pangur-ban said...

A certain mad king over here says that Stonehenge should be open for anyone to walk all over and if we disagree then we are elitists who want to keep it for ourselves. This is so far from the truth, all we expect is a little respect from those that attend.

I think people need to ask themselves why more and more Pagans are staying away from the Summer Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge? It is just no fun to go and be spat on and jeered at by pissed up or drugged up people.