Friday, 27 February 2009

Folk Music

I have been thinking a lot lately about Paganism and music. What is Pagan and not? Is it just overtly Pagan musicians that make Pagan music?

I have this theory you see, I am a lifelong folk music lover and I see so much in English folk music that has Pagan overtones to it.

Even in the music that is not Pagan influenced there is something in the beat of it that says to me that this is music for me as a Pagan. The equivalent of a hymn in church.

Song of Awen by Damh the Bard

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I Have my Mojo Back

I have my mojo back, and the poems are flowing again. Is it because I am working as a bard in training again? Who knows I am just grateful.

That night.

We walked
That night
On moonlit sand
White as ivory.
Our hearts sighing in time
With the suspiration
Of the waves.
Eternal love we pledged
That night,
Our hearts glittering as
Strongly as the stars
Shining in the firmament.
That night.
Then another night
We walked
The self same strand
Under the starry heavens
And I knew stars die,
Falling to the earth,
As did love
That night.

Pangur-ban 24/2/09

Monday, 23 February 2009


Blossom flies in flurries like
confetti, thrown by the Gods.
Wildly celebrating the union of
the young Mabon and his Lady.
While yellow trumpets of
new born Daffodils fanfare
the news that Spring is here
and Winters grasp is broke.
Icy streams run once more
growling over gravel beds
soon to be graced by
Salmon home from the sea.
Bare trees burst to life
with a soft green mantle
covering naked branches with
leaves like a vesper prayer.
And amid this newness of life
my heart dances.

Pangur-ban 2008

Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Silver Bough

The Symbolism of the Silver Bough:

So why the 'Silver Bough'?

A good question!

The Silver Branch is an important symbol in Celtic literature and culture, and a central theme of Celtic ‘shamanism’.
It is a musical branch, occurring in early surviving Celtic literature and folklore, laden with bells/magical birds/blossoms/apples/nuts/acorns,
often out of season, which combine to create the most beautiful and ethereal faery music,
lulling you into a healing sleep or enticing you to journey deep within or even beyond yourself…

It is also the hallmark or emblem of the Celtic poet: bronze, silver and gold branches all adorned with bells marked the different classes of poet.
It was shaken prior to storytelling, both to announce the beginning and also, perhaps, to alter the atmosphere…

The Silver Branch can also be seen as a passport into the Otherworld; a talisman almost always, in the stories, given to a mortal
by the Queen of the Otherworld or one of her Ladies to carry for safe travel and protection.

So the silver branch is very much a symbol of the Celtic Otherworld, calling us to explore this realm, which is a rich source of inspiration.
It is the initiatory call to adventure, to journey, to seek your truth.
It can be viewed as being a branch of the world tree, which is, of course, a way of bridging the worlds and travelling into other dimensions.
It has also been suggested that the silver branch may have been used in the Celtic lands as a rattle often is in other ‘shamanic’ cultures worldwide...

So, the silver bough branch is a great and inspirational symbol for the mythic arts!

© Susan Garlick of ‘DRAGONFLY MOON’ 2008

Friday, 20 February 2009

The Big Bad Wolf?

He was there again today, just watching
and waiting for me to acknowledge him.
Big Wolfy eyes glowing like molten gold,
full of timeless wisdom reaching out
from the spirit world.
As I gaze into those eyes I begin to see
what freedom means, the freedom of wildness.
I feel a change start in me a metamorphosis
my body merging with his bringing
a sense of freedom.
Let's run he says starting to bound away
across endless forests of the mind,
and I am lost, lost in the world of sound and scent
and the scurrying of little creatures.
But I am found as well, in him i find acceptance
the oneness and completeness of the pack.
All to soon its time to come to my senses and return.
This time is different though he leaves as well,
and comes with me as guide, protector and friend.


Open The Door

When I feel that a bit of the magic has gone from my life I play this. Enjoy.

This is not a live link so just cut and paste it.


I feel in a strange mood lately, introspective would be a good word for it. But it seems more than that. I am withdrawing from people (not those of us on blogger)I find the mists almost to much to handle at the moment and apart from journalling there, I am not doing much at all. I feel sort of detached.

What has caused this I ask myself? And the answer is I think starting the Bardic grade again. The Bardic grade is all about internal work and growth and it is this that is causing me to draw into myself. Maybe not such a bad thing.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Gwers One

I have been listening to the first Gwers and it all comes flooding back to me, the sheer joy of using my mind because make no mistake you will not go far in the training unless you do use it.
In the OBOD training there are no answers no right or wrong just what the teaching means to you. There are signposts to show the way but each individual has to come up with their own way through the forest

The first Gwers deals with initiation into the sacred grove and I have to decide whether to do it again. I am leaning towards doing it again as I think that this new start deserves it. I know that I was initiated as a Druid last year at Stonehenge, but this one is specific to the training.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A blessing for a new bard

A Blessing for a New Bard.

Step into the circle
in the wooded glade,
wide eyed with wonder;
sometimes afraid.

Greet the forest spirits,
who will guide you on your path,
the slender Birch will sing you
to your Bardic hearth.

Receive the gentle blessings
of the sacred in the land,
find your own way
as a Bard to stand,

with others in fellowship,
in the living stream
of wisdom passed down
through the ancestors’ dream.

Learn from the elements,
earth, water, air and fire,
working with the web
of your spiritual desire.

Feel the healing flowing,
to salve your soul and heart,
as through the Sacred Grove,
you feel your fears depart.

Step forth on a journey,
for some short; others long,
weaving the shape
of your own Bardic song.

Gather at the embers,
of each live-long day,
smoor the fire, then kindle
your spark upon its way.

Dance with joy at being,
a feather on the air,
and find a new beginning
with your initiatory dare;

And the web will stretch and hold you
as the gateway opens wide,
and the Order reaches out
to embrace you with pride.
Written by Cradlehag

Well this is new.

I am so not used to this but I shall learn. So why Bakers and Bards? Well I am a Baker and I am a Bard. To be exact I am learning with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and I am on the Bardic grade.

I have been a poet all my life well since my teens anyway but I did not write for a long time after someone told me I was no good when I was in my twenties. It was only about four years ago that I started to write again at the instigation I believe of the Goddess Brighid the patron of poets.

I have created this blog to record my Bardic journey and all comments will be greatfully recieved.