Sunday, 19 April 2009

Maiden Castle

We went for a walk up Maiden Castle yesterday. It's such an evocative place you can almost see the ancestors there. My spirit is always lifted by a visit there especially by the song and sight of Sky larks, Maiden castle being on of the places in Dorset where you are guaranteed to see and hear them. It is such a shame they are becoming such a rare sight today.


Raspberry Ganymede said...


How very cool...but I have a question...

I can't really tell from the photo ~ and when I clicked on the link it showed me what is essentially a beautiful field...

Is 'maiden castle' an actual place (like a building?) Or a stretch of land? Does it have any religious significance?

It does look quite gorgeous and peaceful...good for the soul! =)



pangur-ban said...

Hi Raspberry,

I am sorry the link does not work for you I will post a blog entry about Maiden Castle in a bit, but to answer your questions quickly. It is not a castle in the way we think of them today but rather a hill fort from the Iron ace.

Is it a sacred site? That is problematical in my opinion. What makes a sacred site? I certainly feel that the ancestors of my land are close to me there and as the ancestors are important in Druidism I would say that to me it is sacred.