Thursday, 2 April 2009


I have been putting something off and that is starting my Journal for the Bardic grade. Well no more as I have started it today.

The time honoured way is to do this is in a hand written book I suppose but my handwriting is appalling, even I have trouble reading it. So I have decided to do this in word and save it as a document. I must remember to back it up on a disc regularly though.

Actually it will be quite therapeutic I feel to have somewhere to put down my thoughts, hopes and dreams in a place only I can see.


Moon Frog said...

For a moment I thought you posting in Elvish. LOL

That's great that you have started a journal. I am a traditionalist and prefer the handwritten word, but if a computer document works best for you then who is to say it is wrong? It's a personal choice.

Stick with it. It will be a wonderful map of your spiritual journey. =)

pangur-ban said...

I dont know what went wrong the post never looked like that in preview lol