Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Revelation time.

I went outside at work last night and was taken aback. I was stuck by this overwhelming sense of completeness . The sky was full of stars and seemed to be infinite. Then there was the smell as if I could smell things growing on top of all this was a stillness as if everything was on hold. How long did this revelation last? All of two minutes, but those two minutes sum up being a Druid for me.


Raushanna said...

Yep, there is something in the air for sure, my friend. Spring may be coming late, but we are getting all that fertility energy, bunched together.

Raspberry Ganymede said...

How wonderful!

I totally know what you mean ~ it's like a complete sense of awe...but where you feel part of and totally connected to everything around you..

Well ~ that's how I feel/felt anyway. =)