Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I Have my Mojo Back

I have my mojo back, and the poems are flowing again. Is it because I am working as a bard in training again? Who knows I am just grateful.

That night.

We walked
That night
On moonlit sand
White as ivory.
Our hearts sighing in time
With the suspiration
Of the waves.
Eternal love we pledged
That night,
Our hearts glittering as
Strongly as the stars
Shining in the firmament.
That night.
Then another night
We walked
The self same strand
Under the starry heavens
And I knew stars die,
Falling to the earth,
As did love
That night.

Pangur-ban 24/2/09

1 comment:

Moon Frog said...

All hail Pan's mojo!! That was wonderful. I am so happy that you are writing again, and that you feel inspired.

Feeding your soul is good for the creative flow, and vice versa. You'll soon be coming out of that cave...