Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Gwers One

I have been listening to the first Gwers and it all comes flooding back to me, the sheer joy of using my mind because make no mistake you will not go far in the training unless you do use it.
In the OBOD training there are no answers no right or wrong just what the teaching means to you. There are signposts to show the way but each individual has to come up with their own way through the forest

The first Gwers deals with initiation into the sacred grove and I have to decide whether to do it again. I am leaning towards doing it again as I think that this new start deserves it. I know that I was initiated as a Druid last year at Stonehenge, but this one is specific to the training.

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Moon Frog said...

Only you know if initiation is right for you. I'm pleased that you are enjoying the gwers so much and that you feel you made the right decision. =)

I recall you posting photos of your initiation at Stonehenge. You looked so happy. I would love to do this myself one day.