Friday, 20 February 2009


I feel in a strange mood lately, introspective would be a good word for it. But it seems more than that. I am withdrawing from people (not those of us on blogger)I find the mists almost to much to handle at the moment and apart from journalling there, I am not doing much at all. I feel sort of detached.

What has caused this I ask myself? And the answer is I think starting the Bardic grade again. The Bardic grade is all about internal work and growth and it is this that is causing me to draw into myself. Maybe not such a bad thing.


raspberry_ganymede said...

Internal work is *HARD* but so worth it ~ even if you just understand a bit better why you do things that you do.

Self awareness is a good thing ~ that's why I started my blog ~ it's good to look back over what you have journaled and see patterns that you might otherwise overlook...or thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you....and grow from it.



Moon Frog said...

Sounds like you are where I was a few weeks ago. *hugs*

I'm not going to offer an opinion or advice. This is one you have to navigate alone. Just know that we are here for you if you need to talk.

Hugs and love as always.