Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A blessing for a new bard

A Blessing for a New Bard.

Step into the circle
in the wooded glade,
wide eyed with wonder;
sometimes afraid.

Greet the forest spirits,
who will guide you on your path,
the slender Birch will sing you
to your Bardic hearth.

Receive the gentle blessings
of the sacred in the land,
find your own way
as a Bard to stand,

with others in fellowship,
in the living stream
of wisdom passed down
through the ancestors’ dream.

Learn from the elements,
earth, water, air and fire,
working with the web
of your spiritual desire.

Feel the healing flowing,
to salve your soul and heart,
as through the Sacred Grove,
you feel your fears depart.

Step forth on a journey,
for some short; others long,
weaving the shape
of your own Bardic song.

Gather at the embers,
of each live-long day,
smoor the fire, then kindle
your spark upon its way.

Dance with joy at being,
a feather on the air,
and find a new beginning
with your initiatory dare;

And the web will stretch and hold you
as the gateway opens wide,
and the Order reaches out
to embrace you with pride.
Written by Cradlehag


Moon Frog said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing it. Is the author a friend of yours? Do you think she would mind if I made a copy for my Druidry Journal?

Love the new colours, btw. More 'spots before the eyes' and less 'my eyeball just exploded'. Always a good thing.

raspberry_ganymede said...

How wonderful for you Pan ~ getting something going again that means so much to you ~

good luck!


pangur-ban said...

The poem is from the OBOD forum and the author had given her permission there to use it. She wrote it to celebrate becoming an OBOD tutor.

I am glad that you like the colour change it may not be the last.

Runa said...

How lovely!

See, I am visiting you in your new journal!