Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Well here it is my entry for the short poem category in OBOD'S message board Eisteddfod.


Silently owls, nights phantoms hunt
Along hedgerows which lie as yet
Untouched by the suns effulgent rays,
All is shrouded in shades of grey.

Hunting for scurrying mice foraging
Among the hedgerows undergrowth.
Lured out by natures burgeoning growth,
Unaware of the death that awaits them.

Perched above in Hawthorn boughs
Pendulous with snow white blossom.
Bedewed with mornings tears
Shed by natures gentle heart.

But this Beltaine morn the sun will return
And shine on Owl and Mouse alike.

Pangur-ban Beltaine 2009


Raspberry Ganymede said...

Good luck, Pan!


Moon Frog said...

I love the word 'bedewed'. I have to go use that in a sentence now...

Beautiful words, as ever, Pan. I wish you well in the Eisteddfodd!