Tuesday, 3 March 2009

All time favourite

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Raspberry Ganymede said...

I love, love, love David Bowie more than words can say....

I love his pre-Scary Monsters stuff more than I love his newer stuff...

that's to say the songs themselves (Diamond Dogs ~ Ziggy Stardust etc..etc..)

...he still completely and totally rocks though, even now....I've loved him since I was a child.

I'm so glad you love 'All the Young Dudes' ~ that's one of my favorite songs, too!


Yes ~ I have this version ~ but in making the playlist ~ I wanted to try and keep each artist to one (or TWO at the most) songs ~ I didn't want one artist or even one time period to dominate (or everything would have been from around 1970, knowing me...lol...)

I'll be adding more later though....

I don't know if I can resist more Bowie.