Monday, 23 March 2009

A Druids Word is His Bond.

Am I so wrong in expecting that when a Druid says something then he should stick to it. This does not seem to be the case when it is the self styled King Arthur Pendragon who is on a protest at Stonehenge.

This is a protest at his perceived mismanagement of Stonehenge by English Heritage. When he started his protest he said he would not enter the temple of Stonehenge until English Heritage mended their ways. This being the case why was he seen in the temple on the morning of the equinox.

I believe that a Druids word should be his bond obviously the King feels differently. If a Christian acted this way we would rightly say he or she was a hypocrite what then of Druids.


Moon Frog said...

Everyone, whatever their religion, should keep their word.

Anyone vain enough to title himself 'King Arthur' is not a person who I would take seriously anyway.

One thing I have learned ~ we cannot be responsible for the actions of others. Don't let this man stress you, hun.

Unfortunately it is the 'loony minority' who the press latch onto, and by whom the rest of us are measured.

Raspberry Ganymede said...

I agree (obviously) that everyone should keep their word..and a self syled 'King Arthur' probably has issues...

But Druids are people ~ with 'issues' 'emotional problems' 'social problems' etc...

I don't think Druids (or Witches..or Christians..or anyone) has 'more' of a reason to keep their word than anyone else.

Good and decent people keep their word ~ people lacking in some way, don't. Despite their religion...unfortunately.

Maybe dress up like Merlin and go tell him he's being a jerk? =)