Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Green Man Cross Stitch

This is my finished Green Man cross stitch, fifty five greens in total. I hope you like him.


Raspberry Ganymede said...

55 greens!?

**bows down**

As a cake decorator..I understand what 55 greens rock ~ gorgeous piece!



pangur-ban said...

He is hanging on someone else's wall now as it was a present.

I do have plans though to do it again as an autumn shaded piece. I have looked at DMC's shade card and there are enough yellows,reds and browns. It is just deciding which should go where.

Moon Frog said...

That's a lot of work there, Pan. Congrats on completing it. An Autumnal version would be lovely.

55 greens, huh? Whoa.

Raushanna said...

Pan, that is lovely!!! That is some huge cross stitch pattern, and I really like the crags and shadows in his face; makes him look positively real.

Runa said...

I am in awe! He's absolutely beautiful!