Monday, 23 March 2009

I have this thing for mermaids I think it could be that they are beings that inhabit two realms.
Of course it could all be down to Daryl Hannah in Splash.


Raspberry Ganymede said...

Beings that inhabit two realms?

Ugh..maybe..or it could simply be that 'hot chick' thing (as you say)

~ or it could be some kind of attraction to 'sailor activities' you you do crossstich 'n all? Mermaids (or manatees) were first reported by sailors, no?


Moon Frog said...

Mermaids are gorgeous. I always wanted to be one when I was little. Either that, or I wanted wings.

I actually went out one New Year's Eve dressed as a mermaid... but that is a whole other story. *wink*

Ahhhh... good times.

Raspberry Ganymede said...

Oh MoonFrog...I cannot control my fantasies about you and mermaids are simply perfect in every way....

lol...*runs for cover*