Monday, 23 March 2009

Keeping the Mystery by Damh the Bard

Keeping the Mystery

snowdropsI’ve seen a lot of people recently talking about the need for proof, evidence and fact when related to Spiritual experience. There was something about this need for fact and evidence that was getting me down, and I just couldn’t put my finger on why. Then, whilst I was away on holiday I was reading a book that included the character Dion Fortune. The book was called The Chalice and was set in modern-day Glastonbury. It was a Glastonbury ghost story, and a great yarn to boot. In the book I found one of the characters feeling the same way as me, and he expressed it beautifully. He simply said, “Don’t destroy the mystery”. Simple.

See, to me, the Mystery is the Quest - be that for the Grail, the Awen, Faerie, Earth energies, it is The Quest. Would I REALLY want complete proof about UFOs? Nessie? Bigfoot? Ghosts? The Afterlife? …. Gods? If proof was found the Mystery would die, and it is The Mystery that has inspired poets, artists, musicians, songwriters, sculptors, writers, to create such wonders as to live up to its power. Yeats, Blake, the Classical Pagan Philosophers, Mozart, Shakespeare, Leonardo were all inspired by the Mystery. Although not in their league I understand the artist’s need for the Mystery.

If I want to experience the Mystery, I need to remain open to it, But when it feels like you are surrounded by the noise of people demanding proof, evidence, fact, it is easy to lose the Voice of the Mystery. It is delicate, like a fresh leaf in Spring that unfurls before the end of Winter’s Frosts. Preserve the Mystery, feel it, experience it, love it, but never set out to destroy it


Moon Frog said...

Ahh, my dear friend, here we are so very different. Although inspired by mystery, I desire fact.

Would I like evidence of UFOs? Nessie? Of course! Facts equal knowledge, and knowledge is something I have a passion for.

It is not enough for me to get misty eyed over a notion. If I want to believe in something ~ if I am going to devote time in my life to it ~ I want to at least know that it is real.

pangur-ban said...

It,s good to be different

Raushanna said...

MM, Dear Pan:

I am a how and why person myself, but I have come to know that the more I connect with my "inner self" and the more I explore the subconscious, the more deeply I believe that we can't prove the validity and reality of these experiences. They are too personal! By "personal" I don't mean private, but rather the experiences are unique to each of us, and we just don't have the words to describe what we experience.

I just finished reading "The Art of Redemption" by Stuart Wilde. In this book Wilde presents a concept that seems true, at least for me. I don't remember the exact words, but it's something like "the deeper I connect with my own power, the less likely I am to prove it to others."

Yep; if one needs proof, one is not believing. We both know how important belief is.

Hugs and Ostara Blessings!

pangur-ban said...

Damh says and I quote "If proof was found the Mystery would die,"

I am in complete agreement with him, what proof could there be for the Deities we honour? I do not think that the Green Man is going to step forward and go on the six o'clock news.But He is none the less real for me without the proof Yes there could be proof for nessie and so on but the fact is there is not likely to be.

When Damh talks about the quest that resonates in me as I see that this is what the Grail is, it is a quest for spiritual truth.

The whole point of spiritual truth is that I do not believe you can prove them.

Having said all that this is my revelation, and I would not dream of saying it should be anyone else's.

Moon Frog said...

I think there are two separate things being discussed here. The need for proof before I believe in Nessie or Bigfoot is entirely different ~ in my opinion ~ to belief in deity or personal power.

The latter is something that you *feel*. An *experience*. This is entirely different.

I need proof in order to believe. I do not need proof in order to have faith. There is a difference.

pangur-ban said...

I see what you are saying Moon Frog and I agree with the distinction.

The thing is I want to live in a world (admittedly my own) Where Nessie exists and the Bigfoot is a possibility, it may be a fantasy world and people may think that I am crazy. But you know what that does not worry me lol

Moon Frog said...

Nor should it. =)

Raushanna said...

Hey, Pan, I agree. My definition of "maturity" is having the ability to recognize those few moments when we have no choice but to act mature. The rest of the time, I talk to the ghost in my back bedroom; even though hubby rolls his eyes.