Monday, 9 March 2009

Sacred Mists

I have cancelled my subsription to Sacred Mists, I could no longer justify paying fifteen pounds a month for something that I use as a forum.

I have no intention of completing my 1st degree or of even being a Wiccan so the time has come to move on.


ShadowMyst said...

Hey man you gotta do what's right for you! You'll be missed there that is for sure.Thankfully at least I know where to find you! LOL

Raspberry Ganymede said...

wowzers ~ trust me ~ I know how you's's like you need to move forward ~ but there still is some loss associated with it.

Anyway ~ I'm glad you are well ~ I was a bit worried (not really..but you know what I mean)

It's interesting ~ I was just wondering a few days ago why you were there...when *everything* you post is related to being a druid...not that you didn't belong ~ or you weren't treasured or something ~ but it simply didn't seem your path...




pangur-ban said...

I suppose I was there because at first I thought that I was meant to be a Wiccan. I was soon disabused of that idea. I stayed then because of the friends that I made there, but all things have there allotted time and it is now time to move on.

Moon Frog said...

Well... I'm just grateful that you have 'moved on' to a place where we can still chat to you. =)

Oh, and I have to say, I'm LOVIN' the Tchaikovsky violin concerto. *sigh* Just what I need before I go to bed.