Thursday, 5 March 2009

I have stolen Raspberries idea and posted a music player,on it are some tracks that I like, some that I cant live without and at least one that is still painful to listen to all these years later. Mor will be added I just have to resist filling it up with David bowie tracks, I could easily post the whole rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from mars album.


Raspberry Ganymede said...

HA! Awesome!

I logged on to 'London Calling' ~ woohoo!!!!!!

I always thought that if I ever owned my own storefront shop ~ it would be the sort of place where magick happened...and The Clash was playing on the radio =)

Add what you like ~ it's your blog


Raspberry Ganymede said...


You might want to program it to 'shuffle' so every time you log on you get a different song ~ and it doesn't go in the order of the list....

but besides that ~

I *love* that you made me plural!


Moon Frog said...

Holy cow. TWO Raspberries?? The world is not ready... Hehe

Lovin' the music, guys.

pangur-ban said...

It is music I like but I thought that I might put people off with a whole album.

Is not that correct to pluralise someones name when you are talking about them in the second person? Grammar is so not my thing.

Raspberry Ganymede said...

I like the thought of a raspberry army taking over the world...mwahahahahahaha

but maybe that's just me

~ besides ~ *I* certainly am not and *do not* intend to be the grammar police...I just like being plural!