Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Jack in the Green

There is a song by Jethro Tull called Jack in the Green. Now Jack in the Green is a figure seen at Mayday festivals in England, he is a man covered in leaves and greenery and is meant to portray the Green Man. In the song it poses the question "Have you seen Jack in the Green" The lyrics pose the question can he be found in an urban setting. My answer is yes you just have to look a bit harder. It would not take long for nature to reclaim our towns and cities left to its own devices. So it may be a little harder to have a sense of your land in an urban setting but not impossible. This poem is about this

I am the spirit of the Green Man
The wildness of the green wood.

I am the snuffling of the Boar
Rooting for acorns on the forest floor.

I am the screeching of the Tawny Owl
Killing its prey.

I am the belling of the Stag
Heralding the dawn.

I am the mad march Hare
Running free through the green fields.


I am the weeds that push through
Their concrete covering.

I am the newly mowed lawn
On which children play.

I am the manicured garden hedge
Tamed and controlled.

I am the spirit of the Green Man
And you cannot control me.


Moon Frog said...

Hmmm. Food for thought. I always associate the Green Man with woodland, forest, fields and such. I have never thought of my garden lawn or weedstrewn path as being him also.

I guess because I see him as untameable, and to me a clipped lawn or neat hedge are just too... structured.

Something for me to think about. =)

pangur-ban said...

Oh I totally agree he is untameable. What I was getting at was that underneath the manicured lawns and neatly trimmed hedges is the Green Man. Our so called taming of nature is a fa├žade which could easily be overthrown. Hence the important last line.

Erik said...

Very nice! And an important point to keep in mind.